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The Stainless Steel Soapbox

Jan 11, 2021

We have a lot to learn from Philadelphia. It was one of two that receive praise from Jesus without correction. They stood and persevered and had some power. What was their secret and how did it play out? ©2021 Pstr Mike Kerby and Freedom Bridge Ministries

Jan 4, 2021

The church of Sardis had a great reputation. They had a name in Sardis as a place God moved. From the outside, they had it all together. That's not how Jesus saw them. He looked past the surface to the heart of the matter. We need to hear what was said the them and understand what it means for much of the modern church....

Dec 21, 2020

Sexual immorality was running rampant. People in the church were worshiping pagan idols. They were all lead astray by a so-called prophetess into the darkness. Modern pastors and teachers are following in her footsteps leading congregations and entire denominations down this road of supporting sexual sin and bowing down...

Dec 14, 2020

Pergamum was a tough city to be a follower of Christ. A faithful man of God was martyred. It was a major center of pagan worship and Roman cultural center. They were faithful, mostly. Amongst them were those who compromised to the local culture and encouraged others to do likewise. Others compounded the problem with...

Dec 7, 2020

There's always a remnant. At least, that's the hope. The church at Smyrna was persecuted and poor yet Jesus called them rich. There are some key lessons for us today as we face similar circumstances in the days to come. ©2020 Pstr Mike Kerby and Freedom Bridge Ministries